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GLUTEN FREE Banana Bread


We all have some bananas which are going to be ripe or already are. So I have a recipe for you. A simple and healthy gluten free banana bread recipe. Good for your gut,

GLUTEN FREE Banana Bread2021-08-03T09:18:12+02:00

Vegan Brownie


As I’m writing to you, the brownie is already eaten and it was delicious !  If you’re searching for a healthy, quick and yummy recipe, this is the one. I’m a sweet tooth and

Vegan Brownie2021-08-03T09:50:55+02:00



We are all dreaming about these gluten free cookies recipe… The ones that make cookies you can eat and won’t feel guilty about it. Cookies that are good for your gut and your mood.

GLUTEN FREE Cookies2021-08-03T09:33:33+02:00

Mood #1


At the beginning of 2020, I start my vegan journey, and I’m quite happy about it. I’m feeling much better, I have more energy and my digestion has change a lot ! If you

Mood #12021-08-03T09:19:29+02:00
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