Practicing your daily gratitude is something I do every single day, and I’ve seen some improvements in my general mood. It doesn’t take too long, maybe about 5 minutes, and you’ll see changes. 

Here is 5 benefits you might have when you’ll practice Gratitude daily. 

1. Gratitude increases your happiness level

You think juts saying what you’re grateful for doesn’t have a big impact on your daily mood, but that’s not true. Practicing daily gratitude makes you start the day on a positive note. By doing so, you increase your long-term happiness level by 10%1. It makes you have a more positive eye on life. 

2. Being grateful increases your self-esteem 

This practice helps you see the different things you have in life, on a more positive point of you. It allows yourself to the the best side of things. It helps you feel better about your circumstances, which lead you to feel better about yourself2. 

3. Gratitude increases your relations

Whether it’s for friendship or relationship, practicing gratitude daily and expressing gratitude to your significant others will improve the quality of your relationship/friendship3. Being grateful to loved ones or to your friends is a great way to make them feel good, make us feel good, and make the relationship better in general. Even if you don’t particularly express gratitude or showing it to them, you’ll feel better about your relation from the inside and it will reflect on the outside. 

4. Gratitude makes you more optimistic

As I said before, being grateful makes you start your day on a positive note and force yourself to see the best part of things. Regular gratitude journaling improves optimism from 5% to 15%4. It just takes you 5 minutes in the morning, and you’ll see everything with a more optimist eye. 

5. Being grateful improves decision making

People who are practicing gratitude are less likely to be impatient during decision making, leading to better decisions and less stress5. Grateful people see the positive side of things, so decision making is obviously less stressing for them. 

Daily gratitude takes just 5 minutes of your time, but had a full range of benefits that make those 5 minutes worst spending. Let me know in the comments if you’re doing it, or if you want to start. You can add this to your morning routine. 

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