First of all, let me correct something : I’m not 100% vegan.


Here are the 10 reasons why I become vegan, and what made me change my diet for a new way of living.

Let me define my « diet », even if it’s not a diet. I have a plant-based diet with eggs and honey sometimes. So it could be 95% plant-based and 5% ovo-plant-based.


Disclaimer : I’m not a doctor or a scientist, I’m just sharing what I experienced and what I’ve seen or read about veganism/plant-based diet.




When you eat a plant-based diet, you’re more likely to eat whole foods, fruits & vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds. Those food contribute to a higher daily intake of certain beneficial nutrients, that normal diet doesn’t. Several studies have reported that plant-based/vegan diets tend to provide more fiber, antioxidants. They’re richer in potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C and E.


These benefits are completed by an intake of vitamin B12 source. This is an alarm point for certains people, but if you make some research, you’ll find that you can fill this gap, by adding B12 supplements or food that are fortifies with B12. For example, I’m adding some nutritional yeast fortified with B12, on top of most of my meals. Plus, it adds a little bit of crunch and cheesy taste to your food. 



Eating at least 7 portions of fruits and veggies in a day, can lower your risk of cancer by up to 15%.

I’m not trying to convince anybody, at the end people do what they wanna do. But after reading articles, research and seen the « Game changers » documentary, I took a turn in my life, and I don’t thing, I could be back to eating meat or fish everyday. 

I’ll not impose myself at a family dinner, so I’ll try to eat as more plant-based as I can, while being in family holidays, but sometimes, there will be some splits. And that’s okay. But at least, I’ll improve my health, and decrease my risks of diseases.


Same as above, since I’ve watched the documentary, I’ve made myself clear with my fitness goals, and how I want to go in the future. Meat and dairy are hard to digest, they’re taking much of your energy and leaving your tired. But people with a plant-based diet are reaching their goals, they have more energy and strength. Writing to you today, I’ve been vegan for almost two months now, and I can feel it in my workouts. I’m more efficient, less tired, and more energized.

Yes, I’m out of breath. Yes, I’m tired while doing it. But I can finish my workout, and still want to run on the treadmill right after it, because I can. Because, the food that I ate before, is already digested, and not heavy on my stomach. I’m in a better state of mind about fitness, and this has something to do with my recent diet changes.


Plant-based eaters have better sleep quality, feel less depressed, have decrease their stress level and are mentally stronger. This is what I read, through my researches.

Since, I’ve been eating a plant-based diet, I’ve noticed that I do have a better sleep quality. I’m tracking it with the app Sleep Cycle, and I’ve noticed that I have more deep sleep periods, I snore less (yes, I know…) and I don’t wake up at night [except when my cats are having a party in the apartment].

I don’t really know about the other benefits, but I am more focus at work, I have a clear vision of what I want to do next and I’m more likely to go out with my friends, rather than staying at home. Since I’ve changed my diet, I’m feeling better, physically and mentally. I think it’s related !


For almost 4 years, I’ve got gut issues, but didn’t get any name on the disease. I’ve read a lot, and maybe it could be IBS, but nobody made the diagnosis. I was having trouble digesting, I was bloated all the time, and most of the time, I was stress of getting sick in a second and couldn’t be able to go to the bathroom… 

This was painful, both mentally and physically.

Ever since, I’m plant-based, I didn’t have the feeling, not even once. And that a relief ! I’ve never been better since IBS, and I’m glad I made that change. I’m more peaceful mentally, and I can go to work and go out without thinking of the next time I’ll have to rush to the bathroom. This is a game changer !


Here they are. This is not the first reason why I became plant-based, but it still is one of the reasons. I love animals, and I’ve always loved them. I wasn’t disgusted when I was eating meat or fish, but now, I don’t feel like eating on of these. I wasn’t a big fan of meat anyway.

We are all aware of endangered species, but nobody is making any big changes. Even if I can’t do anything worldwide, I’m doing my part, and I don’t want to eat animals on a daily basis again.


Producing meat and fish is taking a lot of the planet ressources, water for instance. Big food companies are taking down lands and forests to have more space to mass produce beef, chicken or porc. If you want to know more on this subject, I suggest you watch the documentary « What the health » on Netflix.

The recent Amazonian and Australian fires made me cry, made me angry about the world I live in. So if I can make a change, I will, by eating a plant-based diet.


If you’re not buying, fish, meat, yogurt, cheese or shrimps, you’re final cost at the supermarket will be less expensive than if you do. This is the reality. And because, I don’t have a high income, I don’t want to spend half of it on food. I rather prefer going on holidays.


This is a fact : I love veggies and fruits. Yes, I also love cheese, but it was before I’ve read tons of articles about how it produced and what effect it has on my body. But veggies ! You can make tons of delicious recipes just with vegetables, or whole plant-based food : veggies curry, dahls, veggie lasagna, pesto pasta… Don’t worry, lots of recipes are coming on the blog.

And cooking veggies is really easy ! Just take soups for example. Yesterday night I made the most delicious soupe I’ve never made just by adding every vegetables I had left in my fridge. Even my BF told me, that I had to remember the things I put in there, so I can make it again.


Yes, you’ve heard right. Just think about it : meat, fish or cheese are some of the heaviest food in terms of calories. So the animal sources of calories you don’t take, you can replace it with even more quantity of plant-based food in your plate, without putting on weight.


Nowadays, it’s never been so much easier to be vegan and eat a plant-based diet. Most of the restaurants have vegan options, you’ll find vegan product in supermarkets, and most of all, vegan recipes have never been so fun to do.

I love cooking, and I cook since I’m little with my mum. So I can say that I have a good base. But this is a new level of cooking for me. I can play and mix beans, with rice or quinoa, and add spices, vegetables and herbs. I love creating new recipes, and veganism opens a new door for me. I can’t wait to share with you all my recipes !

If you arrived all down here, thank you for reading the entire article ! This is a space, where no one will judge, or be judged we are here to share experiences and knowledge. Therefore, let me know in the comments what are your reasons to be vegan, and if you’re not, why don’t you want to be ?